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Unorthodox, Outspoken, Unconventional, Controversial, Unknown: This would sum Garry up all in one:

Born Garry William GOSNEY,  on 19th October, 1955, at Mt Lawley, Perth, West Australia
to Jean and William Gosney. Garry was an only child, and a loner. He was different from other children, mainly due the the fact he was  so  tall for his age- and  his  mind was so  bright. He  learned  quickly, but  like  most children  with  his  disabilities, ( dyslexia, and  later diagnosed as an adult with  ADHD & ADD) he sadly  lacked  concentration, and  his schoolwork suffered  badly- his  love  of  being  on the farm suited  him  and  his  love  of  horses  has  never faded.
School for Garry  was a  nightmare-  (as anyone with his disabilities knows, that lengthy  sitting still is virtually impossible,)his mind  never  paid attention  to  the  lessons  in hand-  just  where  his  dreams  took  him- at the tender age  of 6 he was sent to  boarding school at Swanlea Boarding Hostel, then later  to Middle Swan  State School,then a short stint at  de La Salle Catholic day School,then to  Castledare &  Clontarf Catholic Boarding College (all in & around Perth West Aus)The times  when he went to  school in the  late  50's and early 60's his problems were  never diagnosed- and  he was  labelled a difficult or bad child -difficult because of the  ADD & ADHD
and  bad  because  he cant read properly- the dyslexia  causes  that - he has  explained it as  being able to  see a  page with  writing which  just goes  blank  when  you  try  to  read it. Even as an adult he scans the headlines and  does  not read very much for very long because  he has to  absorb what he reads  in a few  seconds or forget it. 
 His adulthood  saw  him emerge a troubled and saddened  youth- Very few  understood or helped  him and  he grew  up  with  a chip on his shoulder about the school system- he wanted to learn but was  just  unable  to- no matter  how he tried- nothing changed. His towering height  made  him the brunt  of taunts at school and  he was  very much  a loner-(he was 6' tall at 12  years  of age) He reached the height  of 6'4" (193)cms as an adult. Garry has an amazing ability to foresee the future way of things, but  is  unable to  harness these visions, hence the start of his writing- because  of his frustration  at  not being able  to  coherently express  himself  properly - his  greatest teacher  and  companion has  become  his  computer weather  its  his desk top of  his  laptop- they are constantly  within  reach- he can  refer  back  to  things  with incredible accuracy, and  knows  his  laws and rules articulately.
 Unorthodox, Outspoken, Unconventional, Controversial, Garry the Adult  is all of these  and  more. He  never  backs  down  from a verbal  argument, and  determinedly explains  himself to  others. I  would  think  this comes from being picked  on all  the time  as a child, he  in never  violent physically- probably due to his  injuries  over  time. His soft side comes through when he speaks  of his children (4boys, 1 girl) to his first  wife, Karen. One  only has to  see  him at his favourite  past-time  of fishing and see  how  much  effort  he  puts  into  teaching  any  children  the right way  to  fish. he  is  totally generous  and  often  gives away all his nights  catch  to  some  poor fisherperson  who  is down on their luck, especially  if  it  is a child.
 In his first book- One Aussies Endeavours, by the  nic  of Perth Desperado,******* he combined  poetry about  his  life, his  family,  his travels, his  loves, and  his thoughts, all intertwined with  photographs  of  his  travels, and a few  photos are actually about the  poem  near  it. Knowing a  bit about Garry  the  man, this  book is  like  reading  his  diary. 
 One  of the  highlights  of  his  life is to be  the  meeting  up  with his song writing partner and country-rock indie friend, Rory D Ruff, who  composed  music for some  of Garry's poems ( currently 23) ******** For those  of you  who have  children  suffering  with  these  imperfections  in life-[ADHD< ADD & dyslexia]  it would  do  you well  to  see what he  has written  and  how  his  mind works- It has  been  proven  time and again  children  with  these  deficiency’s  in life are actually quite brilliant and their  minds work in wondrous ways.- there are several lessons  in this  book-. I noticed most about these poems  is the  author’s sincere and deep  care about the environment and world around  him- as well  as his  deep  Christian  beliefs. He  does not preach  them  but he practices  what he  was taught as a child.- his  strong  desire to  follow his dreams  and  do  what he  wants to  go  on  doing- writing and drawing peoples attention to  worldly happenings and events  is  unreal. He cares so deeply for others and the world as a whole – as can be seen in his poems –odes- and lyrics. Well worth the read-

As you read  Garry's  books, you  will  discover that  although Garry has a deeply religous belief  he  is not a Catholic, despite  his schooling. He  is able  to  put words  to paper and  with  so much intense  feelings  showing through, even  though he  has  never  read  one  of  his  books after  print. Reading  his  poetry  makes you  feel  as  if  he wrote especially for you, the reader. Its an amazing talent, and  his  way  with  words  comes through very  clearly-  depsite the  odd  mis-spelt  word  in the book- No-one  has  actually edited the books  and  although there are a few  errors,his words are clear and simple.  His  total  faith in what he says and does  comes  shining through, even though some others cannot follow  what he  is  meaning.
 After many  jobs in his  lifetime,  he was  never a  total  career  person, frequently changing  jobs and  directions.His work was always planned and  methodical, and after  a very bad accident  and then botched  surgery which has  left  him with  totally unbearable  nerve  damage and  pain - especially to his wrists and  shoulders, back, and  head - he rarely  complains  , and will  take  himself  off  to go  fishing. he  loves  nature  and  his  photographs will  show the  most  amazing  pictures  of  nature, sunsets,  storms, ocean - you name  it  he  photographs it.
 His travels to  America  saw  him find a  peace  within and  he  is  longing  to return  there - as  he  says  to  return "home".
Garry's Second Book Controversial Dreams. Wishes,Hopes, Lyrics, sees  more  of  his  work - if you read from book one- through to  book three- it is almost like reading a  diary- his life although not directly said  has  been  saddened  by the  breaking  of his first  marriage, the  loss of access of his children, who lived  only a short distance but never  saw  him,  his travels overseas,then home again,  divorce, separation from family, dreams and  wishes  and  hopes  all  brought together  to hopefully complete  his  life.
 As I write this review, Garry Has  another  3 books ready  for  printing, and  is  not far  off  producing  a  small  book called  his  Christmas  book.
As an incredibly  outspoken person, Garry argues the  point  of  law  with  government  officials and  anyone else who is  in the wrong- and  is quick to  quote rules, laws and  by laws- his  honesty  as  a person and  not being able to  express  himself  otherwise will see  him  become outrageously outspoken with officials. His  need to  express  himself  articulately  shows through, and  his  manner  is  of  one  very used to being  patient and perseverent- he  just  cant  tolerate  injustice and  dishonesty..much less  people  who  dont care about their  job, or who  they  represent when they are sellin  one something.

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Some of the comments I have received over time
 Well! I just read your story or should I say your life story,
What an experience you are having,
I can’t believe that you could have been treated like you were,
Still you are going on though it hasn’t let it deter you in any way,
Love to you and god Bless you
... Yvonne. Australia
My friend you have done it again....
Wow the words you put down on paper are awesome and beautiful,
You have a gift and a talent,
Keep up the good work and Thanks for sharing this with me
Love you always your friend from the Yellow brick road state of Kansas
.... Teresa
One of the best sites I have ever seen on the Internet.
This man writes from his heart and every word he has lived it.
 May all your dreams come true .A very good friend forever.
Keep up the good work never let your dreams go.
Lavina. Ky
I love this site and proud it is an AUSTRALIAN ONE;
 I will send cards from your pages to all my pen pals around the world
ROSE   Sydney au.
That’s was just beautiful I always have liked the sounds and the wisdom of the Indians
Don’t know how to say it but you sure can send ones every time I love it
And I know they all come from the heart the words the meanings the sounds
Just as if you was trying to tell me something ... a friend usa
To Garry ..
I once met a man
Who was from Australia
Who changed my outlook on life
Who opened my eyes
Who gave me new meaning
To who I am
He was such an innocent man
The world was a new place for him
Looking at things for the first time,
in a new place, in a new moment,
but still very familiar at hand
He looked into my eyes for understanding
But all I could give him was a loving hug
To let him know he was not alone in this
Big world of ours, this country of ours
I tried to console him as best I could,
But knew it was an empty feeling
You could see the pain in his face
From another time and place.
A hurt so deep, it could not be touched
The cut so wide, the pain so deep
Would never be healed as hard as you tried
Though he wore it with much grace
His eyes conveyed the heartache of his 5 children
How he wants so to be with them, to teach them,
Show them and love them with all his being.
You can see the love spilling out of this lonely man as
He quietly speaks of them each in his own amazement
Reliving their past, present and future still hidden.
Where will he end up?
What will he be doing with his life
At the time when he has settled?
All of this, cannot be answered yet, but
I do know, I have found a special someone
in this, my very own Aussie friend
Rhonda @ mason city iowa